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Marcea Clark Tetamore is an attorney and has been licensed to practice law in New York since 1993.  She is also licensed in Florida.  Her law practice over the years has included family court cases of custody and visitation, neglect and abuse and child support, along with divorces, criminal defense and bankruptcy.


How to proceed: 

All you need to do is to call 585-405-3136 and arrange for a mutually convenient appointment for you and your spouse to come in for a no obligation, free 30 minutes consultation.  At that time, a detailed explanation of how we proceed is described.  Both of you receive the same information, and therefore each of you can rest assured that you will be on equal footing from the outset of the proceedings.

About Mediation


Couples willing to negotiate respectfully to dissolve their marriage


The amount of time spent working through mediation is dependent on the couples commitment to the process


Mediation is a process that brings couples to a mutual and reasonable solution


  • Mutual process; neither partner can win at the other expense.

  • Moderate fees that are more cost effective then traditional divorce.

  • It is the best for your children


Sessions can take place via online meetings from the comfort of your own home


All you need to do is call to set up your complimentary consultation


Divorce Mediation: A Less Painful Path

Divorce mediation is an active process in which the mediator helps you identify all the issues that need to be covered in your separation or divorce agreement.


Your mediator will help you determine what it costs to live apart and, using that information together with the current income, help you determine the amount and duration of support.  I will show you how the New York State Child Support Guidelines apply to your situation.


I will help you identify all of your marital assets, figure out their value, and help you to divide them fairly.


I will also help you make all of the future parenting decisions.


Mediation is conducted so that there should be no losers – one spouse should not win at the expense of the other.


DIVORCE BY MEDIATION is a non-adversarial process helping people negotiate directly and dissolve marriages once the decision to divorce or separate is made.  I provide you with the opportunity to negotiate mutually beneficial terms in total privacy.


DIVORCE BY MEDIATION helps identify key issues concerning the division of personal and real property, support, parenting, and plans for the future.  It helps eliminate the painful win-lose atmosphere that is part of all adversarial divorces.  The process is a mutual search for a reasonable solution; neither partner can win at the other’s expense.  Resolutions must emerge from the process with a settlement created and accepted by both.  Mediation can also deal with specific limited issues such as time of access, what to do with the house, or other issues specified by you at the start.

The important aspects of DIVORCE BY MEDIATION are that:

  • It is non-adversarial.  You are partners in the decision-making.

  • It is mutual.  You both must agree on solutions, or there is no agreement.

  • It helps clarify areas of conflict.  Most couples have some conflict.  The mediator helps you limit the conflict and discuss things productively.

  • It gives you power.  You control your own decision over your own lives.

  • It is the best for your children.  All the discussions are tempered by the fact that you are both parents of your children and you will have a continuing relationship as parents after you have ended the spouse relationship.  Most other forms of divorce negotiations forget the best interests of the children.  In mediation it is always paramount.


You owe it to yourself, your children, and your future to learn more about mediation.

Fees are moderate and on an houly basis.  I charge no retainers.  You only pay for the actual time you use.


I ask that you share in the fees in a way that is appropriate to your situation, remembering that the mediator is working for both of you.


The average mediation takes twelve hours.  Mediation of specific issues or for couples without children is shorter.


DIVORCE BY MEDIATION is not a legal service.  The outcome of the mediation is a memorandum of understanding detailing all of your agreements that your attorney will review.  That memorandum will be incorporated into the formal legal documents.  I can prepare the documents if you both agree or I can refer you to attorneys to perform that service.

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